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Using "rgb navigation input" on head units for video feed

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  • Using "rgb navigation input" on head units for video feed

    I've been one of the many people with my fingers crossed hoping that there could be a way to send a video signal through the RGB din cable used in the back of head units for either cd changer controls / aux input (stereo) / or navigation inputs.
    For those of us with in dash screens with 'navigation inputs', sending video through the rgb din cable is bascially not do-able. If you look at the way navigation units hook up to head units, it requires an RGB-din cable (13 pins in the case of Kenwood) AND a composite video cable. So I'm guessing that the so called RGB cable is only used to send touchscreen information and the video is obviously sent through via composite...

    So I have to face the reality that I need to give my casetronic c134 /m10000 its due justice and by a vga w/ touchscreen... 480x234 is lame anyways.

    Oh well, anyone wanna buy a Kenwood DDX7015?

    And does anyone know where I can get a VGA input kit for my TM-702L (w/ panasonic lcd)?
    Doesn't seem like Armen has a standalone kit