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  • Heat in trunk

    Okay, I have my carputer situated in the trunk.

    It has a P3 1GHz CPU and a 7.2k RPM hard drive, so it gets pretty hot back there, hot enough to warm up the whole trunk. I fold the seat down in the back, but if I'm doing something CPU intensive, I get a BSOD.

    I'm thinking is that it's just too hot in the trunk itself. It's not enough that hot outside anymore, and it's still having problems. I figure that it should be fine once the really cold weather comes, but what about next summer? Is there anything not too crazy I can do to cool or get better circulation in my trunk?

    Or... should I just try a bigger heatsink on the CPU? I'm not even sure if it's the CPU overheating, though. I guess I should probably check that, but that's most likely what it is.

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    Sounds like it's your CPU. A bigger heatsink would help, but probably not much. Same for better circulation between your case and the rest of the trunk, as hot as it is. Ideally you would ventilate the air in your trunk, but I don't know how difficult that's going to be for you. I doubt you want to be cutting vent holes in your trunk lid If you can sneak a duct into the passenger compartment, you might pipe cooler air to your case.