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Automotive harddrives.

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  • Automotive harddrives.

    With all the concerns people are having regarding high/low temperatures I see very little (or nothing) mentioning the automotive harddrives.

    Over here in Sweden the temperature is shifting quite a bit, -30 Celcius in the winter and +30-35 in summer.
    I was thinking about getting one as a systems drive since they claim that it can operate down to -20 celcius,
    (Built to operate in temperature ranges of up to -20 C to +85 C), and then use a regular 200GB drive for media.

    Have anyone used the Hitachi or Fujitsu automotive range ?

    Hitachi Endurastar J4K20

    I haven't been able to find any specs. on the Fujitsu drive, but I'm told it's similar to the Hitachi.
    Model: Fujitsu mht2020ac

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    Neat - like the look of it, even though I've never had any problems with my bog standard unit.

    Do you know of any European suppliers of the Hitachi?
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      Do you know of any European suppliers of the Hitachi?
      Sort of... I called an importer over here, but they didn't sell to the public.
      I could go to one of their retailers, but then the price would go up by a fair bit so I figured I'd buy mine from the US...
      [EDIT] I did and found this one for you UK guys: [/EDIT]

      Hitachi also have some wierd policy where they have to approve all customers.

      So unless someone here has a better option I'm going to order a Fujitsu drive from Provantage (price is good and they ship internationally)