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  • Ideal mini-itx case

    I've been looking at the Travla C137 case, which is quite spiffy, except that it can't fit both a standard 3.5" HD and two PCI cards at the same time.

    Are there any similar cases that can allow for both two PCI cards and a 3.5" HD? I've been trying to get more info on the ******* cases, but their site is sadly lacking in information.

    And before folks jump in and say "Bah! What would you *ever* need two PCI slots for?" I've got my reasons

    Oh, and yes, I know about the Opus case, but I'm completely unwilling to pay $400 for a case, however spiffy it's supposed to be.

    Aaaaaand, I want to stick with a 3.5" HD instead of going with a 2.5" for cost reasons, and it also seems that folks have had more reliability from the 3.5" drives.
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    Can you use normal size RAM inside that case?


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      Not in the C158, but I believe the C137 can.
      Problems are that the C137 can only fit two PCI cards if using a 2.5" low-profile drive, and the C158 can fit just one PCI card no matter what.
      System status: in progress