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  • factory lcd display

    My megane has a small lcd display for time and track numbers etc. (when used with factory headunit) I have replaced my headunit and installed a carpc therefore this lcd only shows the time, is there anyway to hook the pc up to this to display tracknames etc?

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    It is possible. Hell, almost anything is. Just depends on how much effort one is willing to put forth.

    You'd have to find out what format or protocol (ID3 Tag, etc) the factory system used to 'read' that info. Find where the data wires or pins are for the display. Map them to a serial port (or some kind of output) and send that info from your media player in that format... I think that's how it goes. I'm guessing really.
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      well ive located the cable...behind the head unit as an extra connector in addition to the standard ones (also used for steering wheel stalk controls). Im willing to put in the effort, im just not that clued up on things like serial port mapping etc.


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        the easiest way, measure up that lcd, surf the web for one (matrix orbital / crystal fontz etc) and replace it with a pc one !
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          yea that would be easier :P