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  • IRMan

    Just thought Id tell anyone who hasnt purchased/constructed an IRMan, that they should definately do it.
    I ordered mine online 11 days ago and I recieved it today. Evation said it could take 3-4 weeks being an overseas purchase. Nice to know they were wrong.
    Took a grand total of 2 minutes to get it working, and it rocks. It even works when Winamp is minimised or not the foreground application.............anyone want to buy a PS2 keypad?

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    I would buy one but being 17 and my parents not liking online buying I would get one. And them not accepting anything but cash for snail mail orders I am a little cautious about sending them cash.

    Kenwood 4011s
    Memphis Inside
    Atomic in the trunk


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      Find a friend with a Credit Card , and slip them the cash, DONT tell ya parents
      Seriously though I used to be a worried about buying online, but you just have to do your research on the companies involved.
      Why not try making one? Are you technically inclined? A friend of mine built one himself and took it to a electronics tech with a floppy disk containing the Hex code for the Pic (the little chip inside the IRman). It only cost him half a dozen beers to get it programmed
      There are plenty of schematics for the circuit and all the information you'll need on this site.........mayby its time to buy a soldering iron.


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        I am in electronics III and IV at my high school and I have researched it and I don't have a pic programmer to build it. Because in my electronics class I have basically free will to what I want in there. Just don't have a pic programmer.