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  • Best OS For My Setup?

    right, i got hold of a laptop recently, for 80, about $120 i guess, its a IBM thinkpad 570 - Pentium 2 366, 64MB, 6.4GB, and i've been waiting a while coz i didnt have a cd rom drive for it to install windows, well i have a network card coming 2moro, and im wondering wot OS and wot program(s) you think i should use?

    i have copies of windows 2k pro, and XP pro, and have both of these already slipstreamed with the lastest service packs, at the moment, i plan on using 2k, and winamp 2.9 and just having the laptop in the passenger seat... within the next few weeks i'll get more ram, bigger hdd, and a gps receiver, followed by a xenarc after xmas, just wondering, for now, which os should i install?

    id prefer 2k, but if xp is more useful ill install that and tweak it, or even 98/Me if they'd be better, im gonna prob just use hibernate so booting shouldnt be an issue, and theres no hardware to worry about initialising, just gona use it for mp3 for now, anyone got suggestions???

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    i got a laptop that im playing with right now, which is about the same specs:
    p1 233 64mb ram

    and to boot xp with fastboot bios and with xplite with everything removed, im looking close to 2mins...

    so im going to try 98lite next, see how that performs. then as a final option, mxplay is a dos based mp3 player which i will try - there have been a couple of posts about it on here recently - i should get great speed using this
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      Originally posted by Enforcer
      Try a linux kernal.

      ooooops! did I really say that *cough*

      XP might be too hungry for that laptop, unless you cut a lot out. W2Kmight be OK.
      It is a good solution (linux) for folks that already know or would like to learn and take the time to configure it.

      I am running win2k on a simmilar system with a little under 2 minutes to play music.
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