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getting Cable on TV-Tuner

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  • getting Cable on TV-Tuner

    I've heard of many programs that will let you tune inot cable programs with your TV-tuner can some one verify this and if so can I gte some of this software. That would be sweet to watch HBO at school.

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    Tune into cable ? like pickingup a cable signal with a tv antenna ?
    never heard of that, and I cant imagine how it would technically be possible

    Or are you just talking about people with tv tuners/softeware ?

    I think your asking about the tuner cards / software - this is a card or usb device that has an f-type / coax connector for cable / antenna, and then feeds the signal into the pc. the hardware comes with its own software to let you change chanels and stuff. You cant just get the software, you need the hardware. they cost about 50.00 USD
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      Most all tv tuner cards should be cable ready. All you do is hook up your cable line to it. There is no way to get cable tv from and antenna if that is what your asking.


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        You'd either need a cable line running to your car or a dish to pick up the signal. Either way is pretty impractical for a car.


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          Ok, I've got it figured out. Here's what you do:

          1)Get a webcam and run microsoft netmeeting

          2)Get a TV nearby and tune it into HBO

          3)Position the webcam so that it gets the full screen on your TV

          4)Connect to the internet

          5)Go to your car

          6)Get a cell phone and hook it to your carputer with a data cable

          7)Connect to the internet

          8)Log onto microsoft netmeeting and log on to your home PC

          9)Viola! HBO right in your drivers seat!

          Ok, if you can't tell, im only joking. There are many cool things that software can do, but pull a cable signal from an antenna is not one of them. If it were possible, cable companies would go out of buisness. Darn.


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            If you're talking about using a computer to descramble cable, well, it's not so easy. In certain countries, a respectably fast computer with the correct hardware can do it no problem. In the US, I'm told, it's not possible with current computer speeds. Something to do with redrawing lines and calculating their position on the screen... You need hardware (cable box) which can read a key and decode the signals instantly. Or something like that. Either way, in the US, I'm pretty certain no one has cracked the big cable companies... yet.

            Normal, unscrabled cable works like a charm, if you have a cable-ready tv card (one that goes to channels higher than 13).
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              just get a descrambler...look on ebay you can get new boxes for under $100.
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                As for the HBO thing, I used to do it at work all the time.

                I ran some web cam software at home on my server (high speed connection) and use a tv capture card as the source ( this way the connection is direct, you dont get quality loss because the signal is fed directly into the cam-server software ) then at work, i open up my http connection to the home server, and since the tv tuner is in the pc, I wrote a little app to let me change chanels.

                Technically since im the only one watching, and I pay the bill, I dont tihnk It violates any laws..... then again, napster, own the cd, mpaa, 2600 dvd, decss.....
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                  If you already have a cable box at home, you can do the following:

                  1) Take the conposite video signal from the cable box's output and feed it to your home computer (using video grabbing hardware)

                  2) Use some kind of real time video
                  scrabbling software to scramble the picture

                  3) Connect the TV output of your home PC to an ATV (one that satisfies your range requirements with a given antenna) transmitter. Make shure that transmits on a free frequency (channel) .

                  4) In your car, use an ATV downconverter to feed the antenna signal to your CarPC's tuner card.

                  5) You are watching HBO without any impingement of copyrights, since you air scrambled HBO broadcast!

                  An easier way is to use a cheap low power TV transmitter (dedicated frequency) and a skip the scrabbler software!


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                    Gizmomkr 4 ?s

                    1. What kind of card did you use on your home PC?

                    2. Do you still have the channel change app

                    3. What kind of card did you use in your car PC

                    4. Will the same priciples apply to Dish network?
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                      Use a VNC App (best for me: PCanywhere) and just connect the cable to you tv tunner card (the one in you desktop) then remote access the desktop from the carpc.
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                        You could also use orb to broadcast your tv shows over the net.


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                          Originally posted by Adam F
                          There is no way to get cable tv from and antenna if that is what your asking.

                          FALSE! NOT TRUE!
                          At my girlfriends house she can get MTV2, speed channel, QVC, Fuse, CNN, with a regular tv antenna.
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                            Originally posted by john1701
                            FALSE! NOT TRUE!
                            At my girlfriends house she can get MTV2, speed channel, QVC, Fuse, CNN, with a regular tv antenna.
                            Unless someone is rebroadcasting a pirate signal in the area, those channels dont have broadcast license....
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                              Enter the...CAAAAAAABLE GUUUUY!

                              Originally posted by rsd212
                              Unless someone is rebroadcasting a pirate signal in the area, those channels dont have broadcast license....
                              Okay let me clear this WHOLE thing up, I was a linesman tech for AT&T Broadband and Comacast for three years. Not to come across as a dick, but most all of you are wrong to a degree. The channels that you do not subscribe to are scrambled, we all know what swiggle porn is. So this signal is descrambled in one of two ways so your TV can properly display a clear image. The first is a cable converter. We are all familiar with these, you either pay to rent one from the cable company(digital or analog) or you buy a black box and only descramble the analog channels(this can't do digital, binary code vs. wavelengths). The black box works by using a variable capacitor, so that it will adjust the incoming signal i.e. 603.9649412mHz (yes the frequencies are this specific!) to 603.9648407notice how close these are, as the output frequency that might match that of lets say channel 65 on the box. That frequency is then modulated into the frequency of channel 3. Basically what you're doing with any set top box is using it as the tuner, thus rendering the one built into your dormant (except for channel three if you are using the F-type connection. This is one way that it is made difficult, ever notice how you sometimes get it for a split second, thats because your acting as an antenna working with or against the signal. Other ways they will avoid unauthorized veiwing is by using "traps", these are nothing but filters that block out that extra noise on certian channel carriers. Other traps will be added to allow you to watch premium channels such as HBO without a converter, right Schuck ;-), and sometime both a converter and traps are needed, that is if you want VOD. So yes it is possible to get HBO, MTV2, etc on a TV w/o a converter. Depending on what system your cable company uses, IRC, HRC or STD you may use more of your TV, ever notice that when you program a TV that it usally goes up to 126 channels? Hacking a digital box is nearly impossible, some cracks have been done, on some brands of converters like SA's, but as a whole are very secure. And stealing from the Dish is wicked easy, a lot easier than not getting caught trying to hike a pole or busting open a pedestal/doghouse and getting a security sleve off and figuring out what line is yours!