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Thin Clients for CarPCs

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  • Thin Clients for CarPCs

    Hey gang, just wanted to let you know that I have managed to get linux up and running on the neoware 3000 and Capio II thin clients. These are low power thin clients with fairly familiar components, geode processors and goodies like built in sound, ethernet, usb and video that can be had on ebay for around 10 to 20 bucks. The 3000 seems to be very well suited for a carpc. I am putting up howtos on my website, , that should be completed this week.
    While these machines won't win any speed contests, they do make for a nice, cheap and low risk way to get a pc into your car. I should have linux up and running on the 2000 (powerpc based with a built in PCMCIA slot) in the next few weeks.
    It gimme the jibblies

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    sweet! I won't use it for my car, but I can think of all sorts of neat projects I could use a $20 linux box for...