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Athlon xp + mb for $99

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  • Athlon xp + mb for $99

    Found a good deal for processor + mb combo.

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    Originally posted by shak
    Found a good deal for processor + mb combo.
    This really isn't the place to post deals like this, that are not specifically carputer related.

    The proper place for such things is the hot deals message boards. Anandtech has a great one.

    Things like audigy soundcards that everyone here uses, or things like the Audio Control three.1 that would probably not make it to those other boards would be appropriate, but not a motherboard and chip...

    It's not even a micro size m/b, how is this related to carputers?!


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      the mobo supports XP 2800+ but it is BARE mobo, NO CPU. I could find better price for this mobo locally easily.


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        maybe the post was placed in the wrong section (General hardware discussion). But I dont see any reason why it shouldnt be on the site at all. I read lots of threads that are not "specifically carputer related" on this site.
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          Originally posted by kingtut
          the mobo supports XP 2800+ but it is BARE mobo, NO CPU. I could find better price for this mobo locally easily.
          No its not. The w/ stands for WITH i.e.
          AMD AthlonŽ XP 2800+ Bare CPU W/ ECS N2U400-A Mainboard
          means a antlon XP 2800+ with the ECS motherboard, which is an incredible deal. The bare just means it doesn't come with a heatsink or anything. The cheapest I can find a 2800+ alone for is $80 which means your getting a well equipped nForce 2 motherboard for only $20.
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            ECS is a garbage board, I wouldn't put one in any box I built if they were giving them away.

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              Originally posted by Bootbox
              ECS is a garbage board, I wouldn't put one in any box I built if they were giving them away.

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              i had no problems at all with my ECS K7S5A. in fact, it was a pretty highly rated board, at the time.

              good find, but it's sold out.


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                lol! This has gotten WAY off topic.

                That said, this is a standard deal for Fry's electronics. They are always offering a Mobo/Proc combo at what is usually really good price. The Mobo is almost always an ECS or equivalent cheap mobo. ECS usually has less features, and the ones I bought are a little short on the capacitors. More capacitors=cleaner power=less data corruption on the bus, which makes the system more stable. Good for general use with the low cost but I wouldn't use it for a server (or a primo gamer box, but that may just be me).

                If your looking for deals like this check out the Anandtech hot deals forums. Last week I picked up a Seagate 200gb HD with 5 year warranty for $69 ($119 - $50 rebate). Also got free subscriptions to Stuff and Maxim for the last year or so.

                Not saying it is a bad thing to mention these, just think it doesn't belong here... Better places for this already exist, and not every forum needs a hot deals section.


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                  up to $189 now. and again, this is a bare processesor.
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                    Yea, there is nothing wrong w/ posting the information in the 1st post. ECS may be crap, but it was still a good deal for a cheap start, when it was available. It's all about the sharing of knowledge and that includes sharing deals that others may make use of. It's all about helping the community a little! Since some people don't have the time to check out the "appropiate" deal sites, I see no problem w/ making said deals visible for the members of our community...

                    That being said, whenever I find a good deal like that, I post it in the Classified section. I've also made teh suggestion to create a "Hot Deals" sub forum, I doubt anything will come of it, but w/ enough interest you never know:

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                      Don't use ecs for a car puter or any other. I'v had two of the k7s5a's and they worked great tell I got new cases and after the swap they never worked any more. I'm beting they died in the swap from a trace failure. They are so cheaply made they can't take any bends or bumps.