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  • usb problems

    Just upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP Pro SP2 and everything has basically gone tits up.

    Hopefully nothing to do with the software side as XP is already causing me problems by not going into standby mode (arghghg).

    I have a usb 2.0 pcmcia card in my thinkpad with a 5m usb cable going to the front of the car.. this then connects to a usb hub which isn't externally powered. I then have about a 1m usb cable from this hub to another hub under the dashboard. This hub is used for the touchscreen on my Lilliput, gps and a wireless mouse adapter. To get them all near enough working I need to power this hub under my dashboard with about 4.7 volts from a dc-dc regulator. However the wireless mouse just isn't working as it should be.

    I'm wondering if I need a 5 m extension lead like this one:

    but doesn't a usb hub act as an extender? Anyone else using a 5/6m usb cable with a load of usb bits and bobs working as they should be?
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