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  • USB sound card

    So has anyone tried a USB sound card yet? My mini book PC has pretty crappy sound output, very little bass compared to my CD player. The sound card is feeding into the AUX input on my Nakamichi CD player.
    These are some sites I've found that sell various ones.

    In theory at least they appear to have an advantage.
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    I am pretty sure this topic has been covered a couple dozen you can search for more info...

    However I have been using the USB guts from a set of Labtec USB-1040 speakers for a couple of years now. It doesn't seem to use up any processor power, and the sound is better than what comes out of the onboard soundcard.
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      Check out this thread on the new SoundBlaster USB card.


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        use winamp's built in eq or an eq plugin...its free and it works perfectly


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          I see the soundblaster extigy has been mentioned in the other post. But there is another one that is VERY good that you can usually find for around $150 on ebay. Onkyo SE-U55. If it is built like other Onkyo products then it should be a good one. I haven't decided what I'm going with. I'm using a single board computer so the usb sound is my only option...also I'm going to be using the toslink digital output to run to my Sony XES-P1 head unit with toslink input. If anyone else has anymore units that fit the criteria of usb with toslink outputs let me know.
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            I went with the TELEX USB adapter - it was sold as a USB headset, but is a usb sound in/out device with a standard headset included... And compared to a 12 foot analog run straight from my SV-24, it sounds GREAT - digital to the dash...

            I think its the older version of this

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