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USB 1.1: What are the limits?

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  • USB 1.1: What are the limits?

    Hi, can anyone tell me the practical limits of USB 1.1? I know the technical limits (12mbps vs 480mbps for USB2), but what does that mean in the real world? for instance:

    * Can i play MP3s stored on a HDD connected by USB 1.1?
    * Can i play DiVx movies stored on a HDD connected by USB 1.1 (low rate encoded divx)?
    * Could i watch a DVD through a DVD drive connected by USB 1.1?
    * What other limitations would i have by not having USB 2?

    (Still trying to decide between adding a PCI Video Card and a USB2.0 Adapter card to my Epia 800)

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    MP3's work fine, most divx i've played have skipped over USB 1.1, DVD I doubt, and if it's windows XP you get that stupid message everytime you plug something in thats USB 2 that says it's not USB 2 and to click here to see more information about the problem.
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      I haven't had any problems with MP3s or video (almost any format). Doubt DVDs would work too well... don't know.

      So far I think the only 'limitation' I've noticed is using my USB RF remote while watching videos off the USB drive, which go through the same hub. I have to repeatedly push the buttons sometimes to get the cursor to pick up or move smoothly.
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        I have a usb/ide converter. I've tried it all...

        CD-burning limited to about 6x
        DVD - no way man
        Divx,Xvid,3ivx - yep, worked for me (XviD sometimes a little iffy)
        MP3 - oh yeah, no problaymo

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