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playstation in car with an mp3 adapter

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  • playstation in car with an mp3 adapter

    has anyone tried installing a playstation in the car with an mp3 adapter hooked up to it? i was thinking of installing one in my car but wonderring how to regulate the volume since it was going to be hooked through my 4 channel amp. the playstion has a/v outputs but no way to control the volume. i think this way would be cheaper and easier than to put a computer in my car.

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    Easyest Way:
    And get Bleem, and Emulate a PSX on a PC, and still be able to run MP3s. Problem, the CD-Rom/DVD-Rom must be in or nere the dash. PS, DVD-Rom also good w/ Holywood DVD Plus by


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      Didn't know bleem came with a parallel port adapter so you could plug an PSX MP3 cartridge in...! Think you'll have trouble decoding MP3s on a PSX 1 without hardware assist.


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      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        The PSX would never be able to read cd's while the car is moving unless it had some sort of fantastic vibration free mounting system.

        It's hard enough getting some PSX's the read CDR's at home, nevermind while it's moving


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          Hey Guys,

          I had a playstation in my car for about two months and i was just playing regular cds and games on it. While i was driving, it hardly ever skipped, except when I hit a big bump. It is actually pretty good at dealing with the shock.

          just thought id let you know.


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            you see there is an adopter to play mp3 cds with a psx.there are two different adopters, one even capable of using winamp skins. one thing i never really thought about was the vivration being a problem. and i still wouldnt know how to regulate the volume of the psx.


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              Your deck would regulate the volume. Hey I think you got a good idea on your hands as far as hooking up the MP3 PSX to your PSX for car use. LEt us know how everything works out. How easy is it to select songs to listen to and what fetures does it have? I have seen them but never used one.


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                Can't you just purchase one of those cheap switch-over devices that allows use to plug all the rca inputs into one unit that runs to your lcd? I currently have a dreamcast, playstation, and nintendo 64 all running into a switch-over that runs into my tv...