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Laptop keyboard not working

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  • Laptop keyboard not working


    I'm having problems with my carputer keyboard. It's a Patriot 2276, exactly the same as some Advent laptops. It was working last time I used it, but when I got it out it wouldn't boot properly. So, I replaced the CPU, I think the old one burnt out. But now when I boot it complains about a flat CMOS battery and says:
    'Press F1 for Setup'
    'Press F2 to continue'
    This is normal, it always did this, but when I press F1 or F2, nothing happens. I've tried it with a keyboard from another laptop the same and tried with an external USB keyboard, but I still can't get passed it.

    Has anyone else had simillar problems, or know whats wrong?


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    Just make sure that you plugged in the ribbon cable on your keyboard.
    You said you tried another laptop keyboard, perhaps you forgot to connect the ribbon.
    On machines like that I'm not sure if the usb will work before it gets into windows.

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