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Help: need misc parts.

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  • Help: need misc parts.

    oK, well i just recieved a shipment of the following ( Every Part number i refer to should be in one of the below spec sheets):

    4 bulb CCFL invertor for my allbrite: (INV)

    3m Touchscreen: RES-10.4-PL8-0701 (TS)

    3m TouchScreen Controller: RES4-USB-BRD (TS-C)

    I already have a Dicon 1280 FI Controller (LCD-C)

    So here's my issue, I don't have any of the cables/connectors I need to make all this work, except for the cable from the TS-C to the TS itself. Some of the other things I can find, but want to just run them by someone, but some of the stuff I can not find.

    I need an LCD-C to INV male end connector (I currently have a cable for my 2 CCFL INV that works, so i should be able to splice the end from the LCD-C and hook up a new INV end to it.), or i found this which i can get for 11$ from my distributor. And i found the parts to make one on mouser, but what kind of job would crimping that be with out the right crimp tools?

    The INV does not mate up to the current male end connectors comming off my CCFL's. Acording to the spec sheet for the INV I need 4x "jst sm02b-bhss-1-tb" which i *THINK* i have been able to locate at Does mouser/digikey have something that would work?

    For my TS-C I beleive i need RES4-USB-CBL (to be able to hook it up to USB), Should be able to get it through my distributor. But maybee Mouser/digikey?

    A note on RES4-USB-CBL, it looks like a single height USB header cable would fit on it. I have a double height header cable (for 2 usb ports) for my system, so it's to tall to fit in there to check.

    Also I need a 2 pin connector for power as it requires 5V DC, and i would like to have an actual conector as opposed to soldering wires to the pins. I can not find the part number for the connector though. On the connector itself it says "MXS 7 6372", but i have no been able to find anything based on this part number. Again Mouser/digikey? It almost looks like a two pin fan header for a computer.

    There are a few other parts i need to get from mouser and/or digikey, so my goal is to try and get everything from them so i won't have to pay over 20$ in shipping for about 5 ounces worth of copper and plastic. Also I was hoping those who have been trhough this could just double check my figures.

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    What are you building? Sounds fun! Hardware hacking articles


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      10.4" allbrite, 4 CCFL inverter, 3m 8 wire resistive touch screen made with a somewhat 'unbreakable' glass. I'm just using this for the display of my car pc. i hoped to have it set up by thursday for my road trip, but not a chance now.


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        I forgot, that my LCD-C has an aux power output for the TS-C. the data sheet has yet another obscure part number that google didn't find anything for: smw200-04p yeonho . This is the Aux TS-C power output on the controller. It's a 4 pin connector, it almost looks like a PC CDROM audio header.

        **EDIT** apparently Medtronics is not a distributor, just an information site that you need to pay for a subscription too


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          OK, well I found a really nifty tool on where you input a competitor's part number and they give you their substitute for the part. If it works properly, then I have found a good number of parts that I need.

          I still can not locate small quantities of JST's sm02b-bhss-1-tb . i will try calling JST tomorrow, does anyone know where else i may be able to find this?


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            what about arman at digatal world wide... just get a touch kit for a 10.4
            i got one from him , works great ,not unbreakable but it will get you going for a lot less(120.00USD)


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              thanks for the input, i originally was going to get one of armen's touch kits for simplicity, but he was OOS, in fact he he still is.

              But the last part am i having problems tracking down are the connectors that i have to crimp onto my CCFL's to connect them to my Inverter.

              Not to mention i already have the touch screen, lol. and the controller.


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                Oss ???


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                  OOS: Out Of Stock
                  sorry,i hang out too much on fatwallet forums.


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                    OK, well after a lot of searching i was able to find that part in quantites less than 1000, lol. i had to order 10 though to fit their minimum order of 25$ :-(. I also found most of the other connectors i needed by using the 'competitor part search" option on

                    After i ordered everything from mouser and digikey i realized there was one molex connector that I could not get ahold of on either, and went to to look for distributors and i found out that i can request free samples of up to 9 parts.... good to know for next time i suppose.