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Looking for a way to build electronic dimmer

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  • Looking for a way to build electronic dimmer

    I have this idea for car interior light, I like to be able to electronically or automatically control a low voltage dimmer, 12v of course, either through the carpc or controller. the question is, how to electronically control light dimmer, I don't want to turn the knob, I want the light to either go bright or dim based on a trigger, that trigger could be any thing, I am not concerned about the interface to the trigger, I am concerned with what to do once a condition is met.

    I hope I was clear with the request, it is late in the day.


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    I don't know that I understand, but are phidgets a possability ?
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      Using a computer to interface to this would be extreme overkill.
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        Dimmer chip for GBA might work???

        There is a dimmer chip for the Gameboy Advance... No idea if it'd work for your application though... Just google "gameboy advance dimmer chip" and you should come up with this:

        Used it in my Gameboy Advance. Might work for the LCD too? It's pretty much a fancy resistor meant to replace the manual, analog, "dial" resistor dimmer for the Afterburner mod for the GBA.

        The installation page will hopefully give you an idea how to get it working...


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          Thanks guys, I'll follow the links...