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peep hole cam as a rearview cam?

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  • peep hole cam as a rearview cam?

    It looks like it might fit most keyholes in the trunk, paint it black, and I think we might have a cheap solution here. Field of view isn't as wide as the expensive cams, but at least it is in stock What do you guys think?

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    It has horrible field of view... only 50 degrees. Even though it is cheap i wouldn't get it. Plus only B/W
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      what FOV does a regular cam have? I have seen people using regular webcams for this purpose, and I would think a peep hole cam would be designed to have a FOV that is acceptable for such application.


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        What Antimatter is referring to is he, and many others, believe that a FOV of 120 degrees is nessary for a "decent" rear view cam.

        I don't disagree with them in that 120 degrees would be very nice. BUT its not necessary to have a rear view cam with that much viewing. Of course a wide angle lens would give you more area, but its basically what you want to do.

        If you want a rear view cam, go for it. If you don't like what you see, get a different camera. I personally have got a camera I'm going to put in that is not 120 degrees BUT, it was free <grin> That's a plus for me no matter how limited the view is. Now if you had one of those big "Navigator/Denali/Yellow Bus with Knobby Tires" types of vehicles, I would certainly want a big angle so I could see those kids before I backed into them.

        Its really just personal preference and its up to you to decide how much you want to see. Plus, you have to keep in mind, if there's something negative to say Antimatter is all over that bi-otch
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          This won't provide a reversed image, so you will have to do that in software. There are cheaper and better (reversed image and good fov) alternatives at digitalww.


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            what about this one?


            just saw it in the supercircuits catalog I received today, is the reverse picture really important? It has the same feature as $140 out of stock model at DigitalWW, but is only $99, and looks like it is easier to fit one of these in the keyhole as it can adapt to different size holes.