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  • Motherboard Limitations

    Newbie question!

    do old motherboards (i.e. one for 133 - 200mhz CPUs) have a limits on what size Hard Drives they can handle?

    will i be able to stick a IBM 74gig HDD on one of these boards? or will i need an extra controller card?

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    Some of them do, some of them don't. Some of them have restrictions to 8gb, I have had a mobo like this before. I suggest that you try it with a big HD and if it doesnt work throw in an IO card with a newer IDE controller on there. I wouldnt replace the mobo cause of this, just get the card.

    - JustAGuy


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      IBM may have some software to let that HD run on your motherboard. I know that booting through Western Digital's "Easy BIOS" was a lot faster than going through an extra IDE card and a second BIOS. So if speed is a factor I would use the software. As for me, I just wanted to be able to hook up 8 drives!
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        If I remember correctly, if you are going to use Windows there is a 60 or 64 gig limit on partition sizes, you'll probably need to make a minimum of 2. I hop you plan on using that HD for more than Mp3 because thats a hella lotta music!!!


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          Motherboards with the Intel VX chipset have a hardware limit of 8.4Gig. I don't know if an overlay will solve this as I don't use overlays because they suck.

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            An overlay will make any hard drive controller, even an old IDE with a 540 MB limit, support as big of a hard drive as you can find. I try to avoid them because of the extra bootup time, but they do work.