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Anyone know where to get a good quality USB sound card?

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  • Anyone know where to get a good quality USB sound card?

    I got that usb to audio adapter,( and its a Dallas Semiconductor chipset. its HORRIBLE. LOT of line noise from networking and harddrive access and certain colors on the screen will make noise too. Its worse than the speaker-out port on a soundblaster.

    I'd like to get a nice crisp, clear line-out like how some of you all are describing. holy moly the noise level was horrible.

    Does anyone have any idea?
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    When i get around to putting my system togeather, i will be using an old laptop, whose sound sucks, while looking around i found this:
    which you can get from egghead for like $51
    i have no experience with it though, and if you get it, post a reply about the quality


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      I have seent that product before, and I wasn't sure if that was only to hook up a microphone to the usb port.

      I have also found other USB devices on the net, and I'm currently looking at:
      Its SNR is about 90, so I'm hoping that is good enough for hooking into a headunit with teh static undiscernable from usb noise, or headunit noise, or amp noise.

      wish me luck,
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        ya i saw that none also, but i trust telex more as a sound company, and they have the drivers right on their site for it, saying it supports win2k, whereas that one doesnt say anything about that, of corse i may be running win98 anyways, since i forgot my pcmcia tv tuner doesnt ahve win2k drivers


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          Check out the stereo-link review at
          At $200 it's expensive, but it's gotten excellent reviews. Reading the info on thier site, I think it's more of an audiphile product than a computer product. Anyone have any experience with this product?


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            I actually have one if you want to buy it off of me, I bought like 35 of them when the i-openers were hot and got stuck with a couple extra ones, I'll sell it to you for $35 if your interested
            The URL for the model I have is
            USB Sound Adaptor
            I think I have one or two more if other people are interested, I use mine everyday, or at least until I get my new SBC setup completed

            [email protected]


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              topperge... I'm there! I want that one!!! Thats the one I've been looking for all over the place! One place ( said that its from Israel, and they wouldn't get them for months... oh baby gimme gimme!

              Oh yeah... I noticed that it has two line outputs... is this a 4-channel device? :-D
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                Topperage: I might be interested too, but I'm not sure if it'll make much difference. Im also using a laptop, but the sound quality sounds good to me (and my passengers)