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Hauphauge customer service experience.

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  • Hauphauge customer service experience.

    I just wanted to pass along an experience I had a few months ago with Hauphauge's customer service. I emailed their sales department about buying a replacement IR sensor cable because I lost mine on my 4 year old WinTV/FM card. They told me to contact customer service, who simply asked for my address. They then promptly shipped a replacement cable at no charge (not even freight) with no questions asked. I consider this exceptional customer service, especially since it was my fault for losing the cable.

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    I second the vote that Hauppauge is a solid company. I have a PVR-350 (vid capture card), and love it.


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      I'll third that, got a replacement driver CD free and fast for my PCI-PVR

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        While we're on the subject of customer service...Circuit City SUCKS!!!!
        So does Sears, E-Cig Mods
        "A great smoking alternative"


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          dell rocks they bought subway for us today at work all 900 employs. not to mention the great health plans and great work place its like 12 6 foot subs here. they buy pizza too. 20 from pizza hut at a time... lots of cake.. free soda... etc. etc
          When in doubt, moo at things.


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            Big thumbs down to Hauppauge customer service.

            They allowed the development department and everyone else to create three things I have gotten from them that haven't required any customer service calls, nothing other than a download of the latest drivers and utilities from there web page.