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  • LCD mounting suggestions

    Okay guys I need your help once again. I am trying to find a way to mount my 7" lilliput on my 93 VW Passat. I have a single din where the HU used to be.

    Ultimately I would like to have the Screen fold down and push into the dash and have a small door I can slide down to hide the screen while I am away from the car. I have the top peice of a camera tripod that will handle the folding and pivot of the screen.

    What I need is an idea to get the screen to push in and out of the dash. I though a "telescoping" pole but the dash isn't deep enough for the pole AND the screen.

    Any Ideas? Use the Tripod top or not... doesn't matter really. If someone has a better idea I'm deffinately open to it! This is the last thing I need to do (I think).
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    get the in dash housing from
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      Originally posted by nickmig
      get the in dash housing from
      if you can ever get a hold of them..


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        Originally posted by Craig W
        if you can ever get a hold of them..
        Maybe your phone just sucks. I've never had a problem getting ahold of the digitalww guy.

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          i have only sent an enquiry email about stock, so you got me there.

          i live in Canada and the only time i could phone him would be during the day from my cell phone, since im at work all day and can't call long distance from there. didn't really want to pay for that anyways, i just wanted to shoot him a quick email to check stock and then i would have ordered with my visa. that is the way i like doing business, quick and easy. i think they would get a lot more business if they responded better to email, it's the way of the future


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            Well to tell you the truth I don't really want to open up the lilliput. I'm just trying to think of a way to be able to slide it in and out of the dash. Swivel is BIG bonus. I want to be able to point it at the passenger for movies and stuff. Keep it away from me while I'm driving.


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              Yeah, we just got the in dash from digitalww, fried the monitor. So, it's time to save up and buy another. In all honesty, if you want the in dash, let Armen do the work for you. Because if he ****s it up, that in no way affects your investment. It's a pain in the *** anyways. Just make a custom fiberglass/bondo dash panel. They look a hell of a lot better anyways.
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