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laptop lcd screens = desktops?!!

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  • laptop lcd screens = desktops?!!

    ok. I found some nice lcd screens around here in town. Like 8.4" all the way to 14" tft screens. What is the feasibility of connecting a laptop lcd to a desktop video card. Either via component rca cable or digital cable. I have the specs (pin outs etc... of the lcd screen). How would i do this? is it possible? This would be a lot cheaper even if i do have to buy a controller.. please help! Thanks.
    I found a card, EarthVision/PCI Controller from that they sell with their screens.. If i buy one of these PCI cards alone and get a cable and use the right pin outs and connect it... think it'd work?

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    also, i looked on and they sell a 8.4" tft screen combo with a EarthVision/PCI Controller. What if i bought a laptop screen from my place in town, and i bought the controller, and just connected the right pins. would that work?