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Terratec killed the radio star - i mean in my car

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  • Terratec killed the radio star - i mean in my car

    Plugged in my new terratec 7.1 surround card yesterday and got a line out to my alpine h/u

    well... all was good for 10 mins then bang fizzle bosh... the bloody h/u went pop.

    Any clues why ??
    Dont wanna blow a new 1 really so want it cleared before i buy a new 1.

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    Could it be possible you have some sort of ground-loop?

    Try measuring the voltage between the ground of your HU's line-in and the ground of your soundcard's line-out...

    It would be worth to check if you didn't just blow a fuse inside your HU...

    Good luck.
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      I have no idea. Just wanted to say "good title to your thread, very creative".
      they made me laugh
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        to much pre-amp from the new card?


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          see i thought too much pre amp as it was right up.. all has worked fine like that with the old card but the terratec is meant to be a lot better.
          If i blew a fuse in the h/u then thats odd cause it keeps blowing the fuse in my main fuse block for the radio and clock display etc. But its only the soundcard that changed.. could this be coincidence ?