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Just a general fun question, mosey on in at your leisure...

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  • Just a general fun question, mosey on in at your leisure...

    I was wonderin', I know we got us some o' the best wishful thinkers in here, and I was wonderin', if money was no object, what would everybody put in thier systems, and what car/truck/etc would you put it in? Try to include unique stuff, and remember, it must be technically feasible (ie: no telepathic interfaces). It would just be fun to see what everybody would have. Even if you only have a great idea for some new, "Oh, that would be so cool, I'd have never thought of that" peripheral, I'd love to hear it!

    I'll get around to posting my list in day or two.

    Anarchist of the Great White North

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    Well, apart from the MP3's, I'd like to put a GPS system, and also a front- and rear-pointing infra-red camera system to help on the night vision. I wouldn't really want a DVD player in it, as it would probably distract me too much

    Venomous MP3!
    CarMP3 system:
    200mhz, 20gb hotswapable drive, 128mb, Winamp w/full-screen vizes, (upgrading to WinAmp3 in near future), 5" LCD screen, controled by numberpad, Sproggy PS under construction, custom mounting case under construction.


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      My dream system would play mp3's, dvds, and be a gps. This is actually the system that I'm working on. And speaking of dreaming, I wish I had the research and money to figure out the police gps so I could possibly zero in one where police cars were (just a dream).


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        Good question. Since i am a programmer, i am actually working on my 2nd dream system. It will consist of DVD,TV,VCD's,roladex, CD audio, MP3's ofcouse. If you want to see what i have so far, look at the site. ftp://pictures[email protected]/d:/pictures/NewPics/ ...then follow the dates.

        and blkdragon6 i wish i know or have that info too, i sure will love to program it...must be some sort of GPS or RF thing.

        Author of CobraI,II,III and now CobraIV.
        You can contact me on AOL instant messenger....nick is cenwesi or cenwesi3


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          I would want EVERYTHING everyone else is saying, PLUS Radar Detector, and an EMP device. Fry the car!! HA HA!! You can catch me when your car don't work. AH HA HA HA!!!


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            Hey Cenwesi,
            I checked your pictures...
            WOUHAAAA! Would you mind sharing your prog?
            What OS is it on? Can you use a remote?
            I would like to know more about it...

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              Two Orion HCCA 15s
              Two Orion HCCA 275Rs
              Pioneer DEH-P9200R
              Two Mobile Authority 1 farad digital top caps
              Stinger deep cycle battery
              Book PC running 533 Celeron, 64mb ram, 20 gig HD, DVD drive, wireless keyboard/mouse
              Motorized 5.6" LCD
              Nice component speakers
              GPS, I get lost in the ghetto every now'n'then

              That is one big dream list. I'm gonna have to be rich when I grow up...



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                Since we're dreaming and "money is no object"...:

                1970 Plymouth Superbird
                3 Cerwin Vega 18's
                4000-watt amp
                Kenwood head w/ the screen
                40 gb hd.
                dual pIII
                256mb ram
                ....too much to think of..


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                  cenwesi i saw your pics of your mp3 player

                  Did you write the program yourself?
                  what OS does it use?



                  System Comp V3 - In progress.
                  Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.


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                    Fosgate and Bakaasi: yes, i wrote the app my self and it runs on win9x. For DVD i will strongly suggest u install win98. I also wrote the cobra mp3...I will come out with a better version this summer.
                    About to test my NEW REAL ACTIVE MATRIX 6.8" screen....hehehe...
                    Author of CobraI,II,III and now CobraIV.
                    You can contact me on AOL instant messenger....nick is cenwesi or cenwesi3


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                      As we can dream,

                      I would like to have a head up screen system which send the data on the front windows, including an infrared detection to help in nightvision, GPS informations, MP3, Some car informations like RPM,SPEED,T,...,... Everythink should be controlled trought a few 4-6 buttons included in the wheel...
                      That's it...



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                        Apart form a MP3 player and GPS system, I would like to have a voice recognition system to control everything, and to dictate notes & emails. Also a connection to my mobile phone to send the e-mail and look for traffic information on the internet.