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Tricking the head unit into thinking the mp3car is a cd changer

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  • Tricking the head unit into thinking the mp3car is a cd changer

    *if there is already a discussion on this, someone just link me to it but i didnt see one*

    Ive got a good deck right now, and want to use it. it doesnt have auxiliary in, only 2 RCA in's and a bus controller for a cd changer. I want to trick my deck into thinking the mp3car is actually a cd changer, so that it allows me to play music as the cd changer. my deck is a sony. does anyone know how to go about this? is it as simple as shorting 2 wires, or more complicated with signals? (i understand that there must be 'nextrack' and 'nextdisc' signals and such, but in our example we dont need that, we just need to have a signal pretending like cdchanger, and yelling "hey im here")

    ok too much typing, and too much typing discourages people from reading, so give me ideas/thoughts/instructions.


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    Sorry bro, unless you are an electrical engineer or something, it isn't possible. I have a SONY deck as well, and I spoke to several individuals at SONY about this. After several hours of tech support, one intelligent individual finally told me about the XA107. This device works great! Although it costs $100!!!! I realized this was the only way in which to accomplish my goal, so I gave into the price. If you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail me [email protected]