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Timeline 40x4 Optrex LCD Problems

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  • Timeline 40x4 Optrex LCD Problems

    I got a 40x4 Optrex LCD from Timeline and am having trouble hooking it up. I first used the schematic from inmotion's website, then the schematic as provided by abcd, then using mprovers schematic which uses the -5VDC also, then using a schematic for the seiko 40x4 (which appears to be exactly the same). The backlight powers on and I can control the brightness but no characters will show up on the screen. Even when I adjust the potentiometer for the contrast it won't even go all black. I have tried controlling it with abcd's app (cobra mp3 player), the test app from inmotion, and mpxfplay with tsr and none work. Can anyone suggest some tips for something that I might be doing wrong? I even rewired a new parallel cable to rule out a bad one. Thanks.
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    Give me about a day or so, i will put the schematic out there.....i just hooked mine up yesterday which i am sending to mprover.


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