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Finally got rid of the popping noise!

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  • Finally got rid of the popping noise!

    I got fed up with hearing that popping noise everytime I start my car up and scarying the ***** out of my passengers when my sounds card pops my 2 vega 12" subwoofers. So I bought a pulse timer relay that I connected to my acc. wire so whenever the car is turned on it receives a signal and disconnects my amps for 30 seconds to allow my computer to boot up. I've been debating between getting like a computer relay card and a couple other options but I think this one was the best.

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    Where did you buy it and how much did it set you back?
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      Here's what I used for that: I think I paid about $18 for it.

      Is it similar to you, XxAndyxX? Dude, find a simpler name, will you?
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        I used this one. Link

        It is $24, and only thing to do is to connect wires. Very simple.


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          Originally posted by falconey
          Where did you buy it and how much did it set you back?
          I bought it at a local shop. I just told him that I found on the internet for 10 bucks and he said he could give it to me for $10.50.

          If you're going to buy one I'd try some local dealers first because these are DEI and used extensively in install shops.