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How you guys connect your power

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  • How you guys connect your power

    I was just wondering if its better to connect your mp3car to your car battery (with fuse of course) or to the accessory power of the car?

    PROS: its always on
    CONS: have to turn it on, if you forget to switch it off, itll keep draining power

    accessory line
    PROS: mp3car turns on when you turn on car, turns off when u turn off car
    CONS: you cant listen to it unless the key is turned 2 notches. if u listen with accessory on, but engine off, then u turn on car, the acc power blacks out for a second, so the computer has to restart again when you turn on car.

    (for Astec laptop psu people, maybe u could hook up a small rechargeable battery to the psu, since it has recharging capabilities, when the car power blacks out, mp3car will refer to rechargeable battery for just a second, and then back to acc power. this means the rechargeable battery can prolly be small and BS)

    tell me what you think, give ideas, or shoot down mine

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    I hook mine up to accessory power atm, but I have plans to hook it into the stereo. I have already modified to stereo to have a "power on" output with an open collector transistor on the "enable" input of the amp. This way I can get the 60 minute timer feature of the radio, and the MP3 player doesn't switch off until I pull the key out. This is a factory fitted Blaupunkt unit (CAR-300).

    All I gotta do is find time to route the power from the battery through my switching relay.

    Eventually I plan to modify the stereo to switch to an external input under logic control. That way I can get the MP3 player to switch in it's signal when it's playing, and not when it's in the menu mode, and finally get rid of the tape adapter thingy...! I already know how to do this (which tie in nicely with my PIC display controller plans).


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      I use a DC-DC PSU connected directly to the battery. To prevent it draining the battery I have added a high power relay which is switched by the accessory line.