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pocket pc to win xp via vnc??

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  • pocket pc to win xp via vnc??

    search a lot and didn't come up with much info.
    i'm trying to hook up a pocket pc (using pocket pc windows 2002) i had lying about. i read in some other posts that it's possible using vnc via the usual usb/activesync connection.

    having trouble actually connecting the two together, search google etc and didn't come up with any usefull info. i've got the vnc viewer on my pocketpc, and i'm not too sure how to actually use it?

    it asks for the host vnc server name in the form of "name:x" where "x" is some number i'm unsure of (maybe port?)

    anyway, i've tried with my desltop's ip ( over the lan) and also it's name "michael" and nothing. the vnc viewer on my opcketpc just dissapears...

    any help greatly appreciated!

    was planning on using it as a winamp remote (using the remoteamp software, which is working perfectly!) but then read about other people trying to use it as a mini lcd/display/remote so thought i'd try as well.

    thanks again...

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    hehehe, title sounds funny when read out loud...


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      yes it does, Dr. Seuss
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        informative answers
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          are you able to access the network/internet from the pocket pc (i.e. can you go to with the ppc browser?), if you can't then something is wrong with the networking part. I believe there is an option in Active Sync to enable/disable network connectivity through the cradle. If it does work, try using (default VNC server port), that should work.


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            How are you accessing the network with your pocketpc ?
            You're going to need to get access to the local network.
            [H]4 Life
            My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
            It will be done sometime in the next generation.
            I'm a lesbian too.
            I am for hire!


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              yep, can access net throughthe ppc. it's going through my desktop (via cradle) and to router via wireless.
              perhaps i'm using the wrong software?
              i got the realvnc software from, bu didn't find a ppc version of their viewer, so just googled for one...
              could this be the prob?


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                I have VNC working from my PPC to my XP desktop. The difference with my setup is that my PPC is running WM2003.

                For the Pocket PC I used VNC Viewer from Allware and Real VNC on my desktop.

                Your problem may be your router. You may have to open port 5800 to allow VNC to work...

                Other than that, you seem to be on the right track - your methods for accessing your desktop with the PC name should work, but you also need the host number after the IP address if you're using that. Most likely something like "IP:0"


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                  yep tried,, and michael:5900 with no effect.
                  why would it go through the router? i was unde rthe impression i could use it derectly via the usb activesync connection, which is what i'm wanting it to do later in the car.


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                    Routher Schmouter...

                    VNC uses network protocols not typicaly bound to USB connections.

                    keep your head in the game.


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                      the machine which is running Active Sync basically 'translates/emulates' the network connection in order to allow the PPC to be online when 'cradled'. Because of this, I think there might be an issue connecting to the host which is running the VNC server software as you are connecting back to the machine which is creating this connection. I have used VNC on pocket pc 2002 plenty of times so that shouldn't be the problem. You could also try the terminal services client, and connect to your XP machine (assuming you have Pro) once you enabled Remote Desktop. If you have more than 1 machine on your network, try connecting to a machine which isn't hooked up directly to your Pocket PC, I bet that will work without any issues.


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                        will try remote desktop/terminal services.
                        will also try the ppc / xp on another box
                        thanks for the help sorfar...


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                          Can you browse the web? If you can you can use TCP/IP.

                          The isssue is you are using the wrong port
                          If you have VNC running on port 5900 on your desktop this is the IP you will use to access it.
                          If you had set it up as port 5901 then you would use
                          Etc. The value after the colon is the port number over 5900 (zero if it is port 5900)

                          Hope this helps


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                            ahhhh. thanks for that. didn't realise the ports were designated that way.
                            will try.
                            but i've gotten remote desktop / terminal services working well (although i was testing on my work pc so it was kinda overloading the ppc). I'll try it now with my carpc and see how it goes. I'll most likely just end up using remoteamp, the remote desktop thing was just a gimmick, and in case i actually need it later.

                            thanks again guys.