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  • Desktop used in Carputer

    i spent the last week searching and researching about building a carputer. price started getting pretty high so.....
    how about i use my Dell 4600 Dimension P4 desktop and custimize it into my trunk.
    now..... what are my options for power for my desktop? I think i need a good amount of power for this carputer.

    has anyone done this before? desktop in car.

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    Yes, I have an intel 845pebt2 board.
    See thread:

    Nothing changes except the board is bigger and power requirements increase. (and the board is more upgradable)

    I am using a inverter and ac/dc 350w power supply. Upon measuring with a meter the inverter and psu use approx. 153w at idle. I have not tested under peak demands.


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      same here, im using and old hp desktop. like nrls said, the difference is size. if you have room, it could be cheaper to use an old desktop than to build a new mini-atx system. if not, maybe a mini-atx is the only way. space is at a premium in my car, but i managed to stuff a full sized mb into the spaced formally occupied by the glove box. looks crowded in there, but everything works i need to find the controller and inverter for my screen(old $28 laptop screen off ebay,prob gonna cost like $150)


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        so... the hard drive and other hardware parts off my desktop could withstand the bumpy ride of my car? What PSU setup do you guys recommend for a powerful system? (P4 2.8)


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          No offense titanium, but you should really do some searching on this whole forum first. Most if not all of your questions have been answered. Also in the process you might get some ideas on how to do what you're going to want to do.


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            you know....i searched for a long time, the problem is that i don't understand a lot of the terms used. ex. i just found out what 1DIN and 2DIN was yesterday night. please excuse my ignorance.


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              Well it never hurts to ask.

              I just get nervous when someone asks a simple question that could have a complex answer. They get an answer and assume its *the* answer, when really their are many many many different ways to do something. You'll get better answers to your questions by sniffing around at what other people have done. If you come across something in a thread that you don't get, respond to the thread and ask for clarification.


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                I have a Compaq Evo desktop. Its a P4 1.8ghz. it was a small desktop from an office. I upgraded the hard drive, used a regular desktop, just mounted it verticle just in case. I have a desktop dvd/cdrw rom. Regular power supply too. I just use a power invertor. I gutted the case, the only thing I used was the tray the motherboard was mounted too, I cut that and used it in my new case. Check my website for pics.
                -Drew Taylor
                2000 Grand Am GT PC