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    Hi i am from the UK and i am just about to begin my carputer install. To make the install as simple as possible i have chosen to use a laptop like THIS to run in the boot or under a front seat.

    From this laptop i want to play my mp3s and dvd's from the built in dvd player which seems fairly simple.

    I understand to power the laptop i need an inverter which plugs into the cigarette lighter, which i can then chop the connect of and hard wire it to the cars electrical system (with a fuse). Also i will probably be removing the switch from the laptop for power and extending the wires to the dashboard where the switch will be newly located.

    Right, i also want to run a USB Satellite Navigation system (GPS). I am pretty sure that this laptop only has USB 1.1? therefore will i still be able to run a USB sat nav system? if not are there any parts available to convert a laptop to USB 2.0?

    Last of all, the screen, i am looking at the lilliput screens on ebay, 7" touch screen. This aswell will need a USB connection to the laptop for touch screen to work right? so again i need to know if that is possible with the speed of the USB built into the laptop,

    sorry for so many questions,



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    GPS will work just fine with USB 1.1. USB 2 and 1 and compatible, the only difference is speed, and USB 1 is already 100X faster then the GPS requires. Same with the Lilliput, it doesn't need anything faster then USB 1.X so it'll work fine.
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      from what i know
      (1) most (if not all) gps mouse's run of 1.1 so your fine
      (2) usb 1.1 is fine for touch screen

      that should help


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        cool, thanks a lot, that has made everything alot simpler, just one more question, i am a bit of a sound quality freak, and although i know ill never get as good sound from a laptop as my alpine head unit, but what is a good way to maximize the quality of the sound from the laptop?

        Id rather not just run from the head phone jack and have muffled music



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          Some people use USB audio cards to good effect. You might check those out.
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            are you removeing your alpine to install the touchscreen? If not can you just use the aux to bring the sound in from the laptop?

            Also I have a T22 and a T30 on my desk @ work and the T22 does infact only have one usb 1.1, you can of course get a usb hub, or if you are planning on useing the laptop out of the car as well as in it you can use the port replicater / docking station. The mini dock fits the t22 and has 2 usb but also and I am not sure if this will help you or not but it has a power switch on the dock for the laptop. This would enable you to wire the switch you wanted to turn the carputer on/off without destroying the laptop. And the docking station would make it easy to take the laptop out of the car and put it back in.
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