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Pictures of my Lifted Project Jeep with MP3

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  • Pictures of my Lifted Project Jeep with MP3

    Just thought you might be interested, it is looking very good

    Im waiting for my LCD screen and IR remote.

    Can anyone help me with reading the schematic for wiring the LCD to the parallel port?

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    Call me ignorant, but mounting the computer right next to the subs seems like a really bad idea. The magnetic flux created by those things will likely drive the computer insane.



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      thats a sick looking ride. is it yours or your parents? since u mention you are 16.

      I wouldnt be too concerned about the subs near the computer....

      what trouble are u having with LCD to parallel port wiring?
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        I wouldn't worry too much about the comp next to the subs either. At first I was worried about that too, but magnetic fields dissipate so quickly there is a very small field, probably negligable, that your comp will be exposed to.


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          Yea, it seems to be working great, the magnetic field is insulated by 2 layers of carpeting and about 2" of wood, so i think ill be ok.

          The car actualy belongs to my older brother and I. Since he left for col. its all mine! We did most of the work ourselves, including the lift, building the sub, stereo, some engine mods, and now the mp3!

          thx for the compliments
          "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."


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            Oh, as for the LCD, i havn't received it yet, but i would like to inverse it if it is already not. Does anyone have a spare piece of film, i dont really want to have to order any online.
            "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."


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              I love the ride man, I don't think that you will have a problem with the magnetic flux, keep us all updated and if you need site design work let me know.

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                Damn, dude!
                Cherokees and Polks.... You're alright by me!

                Just a tip: A 40x4 Character LCD mounts fantastically under the HVAC controls if you take out the vent. Makes for a totally factory look.

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                  yea, i thought about that, putting it where that vent is.

                  Ill keep updated
                  "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."