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Dvd drives in car

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  • Dvd drives in car

    When going over bumps to dvd drives skip? would getting a stot loaded dvd drive solve this? Thanks in advance.


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    I have a DVD-ROM mounted vertically and I have never had a skip. Mine is not a slot load, but the disk will stay in the tray when vertical. Hope this helps.


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      Mine has never skipped. Even had dvd playing while testing system in 1/4mile race. I even went through washington D.C doing atleast 80mph and it worked fine.

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        Correct me if I am wrong here, but constant speed should not affect a DVD or CD player. Accellerating through the 1/4 mile could cause skipping, but constant 80MPH won't as long as the road is even close to reasonable shape.

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          I was trying to play dvds from the HD. I actually got it copied to the HD but would not play for some reason. Anyway, you would need a decent sound card to do the all the channels if you are into the surround thing with PC DVD drives.

          I'm adding a real dvd that goes with my HU and it has the 5.1 whatever sound to go along with all the channels including the center one.


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            There is an alternative to putting a DVD drive in your car...

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