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DC power to AC ?

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  • DC power to AC ?

    I am looking into running my truck on AC power, for like shows, or BBQ's when I don't want to run my batteries down or at a show all day. Anyone here know how I can do this?

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    How much power you need ?
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      Well, I was thinking of running my whole stereo system, dvd, monitors, cpu, lights, etc.. Any ideas? I have been to a few car shows where cars where hooked up with extension cords, just wondering how it is done.


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        They probably use an inverter, for example:



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          Well that inverter converts DC to AC, i'm not sure how you'd be able to accomplish converting AC from the wall to DC for your car.

          Edit:: just occured to me, try looking for high power 12v battery chargers.
          Edit2:: There are AC-DC power supplies, but if i remember, they were fairly low current. like this

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