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Vauxhall CCR600 + 4CD changer q.

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  • Vauxhall CCR600 + 4CD changer q.

    I've got (for my sins) an Astra with a CCR600 and 4CD Changer fitted...

    Currently I'm having alot of grief with CD-R's with this unit - place one recently burnt CD in any slot and all tracks <7 skip, another CD skips until track 5 (Track 5 is the same track as in track 2 on the first CD so it's not track/mp3 conversion related).

    Any ideas whats up?

    And while I'm at it...

    1... on this setup which bit actually does DAC? The head unit or the CD changer?

    2... Any CD changers which support MP3 around which I can replace my existing unit with?

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    Anyone any advice any alternative head units/changers I can use in a Vauxhall without losing the time display etc?


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      nope, sorry. ill have a look tho. try and the forum


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        Halfords do adaptors that allow sony's CDX-t69 to fit just about any in car stereo, providing it supports CD changers in the first palce, which yours obviously does.

        Are uou sure that you don't have a dodgy batch of CDR's?

        I did once and it created the exact same symptoms as yours.

        As regards the dash display, I assume you have a 98+ astra.
        The dash display will display the Time, Temp and Date no matter what CD player you have in.
        If you want the steering controls to work, or the dash display to show track name etc, then adaptors are available for Sony, Kenwood, Alpine and I think Pioneer.

        If this doesn't help, there is a wealth of Astra-specific knowledge down at Astra Sport


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          Many thanks... think it might be the CR-R's I've just tried some CD-R (Audio only) and they're working alot better just one small jump on the first track - though it does seem to be more sensitive to driving over bumps (and our road is full of bloody speed humps).