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Need help with automatic dimmer control

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  • Need help with automatic dimmer control

    Based on some conditions, either external to the CarPc or internal (some events), I like to be able to control 12v light source. Say, I have a condition or trigger that occurs at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% - based on this input; I would like to control the light as if someone is turning the knob on a dimmer.
    So, if the condition is 0%; no light, at 25%, the light is 25% bright, and so on.

    I have 2 questions; 1) how to do that using the CarPc or a stand alone controller. 2) I would like to do the same, except this time, I have a strip of LEDs, say 100 LEDs, again, if the condition is at 0%, then no LED is lit, at 50%, half the LEDs are lit, you get the idea.

    I really need to do this badly; any help or links would be appreciated.

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    i think the electronics component for a dimmer is a TRIAC. you can control current with voltages or some such thing. its been a while since my electronics days.

    also x10 ( has some dimming switches, i dunno if thats what you want. thats AC stuff mostly but you may be able to rig it.
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      The LEDs really depend on the number of segments you wish then to dim in. For instance, it is MUCH easier to break the 100 LEDs into 4 groups of 25 than it is to break them into 100 groups of 1. Check out the link below... they have some ideas.
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        Couldn't find any thing related, nothing that could be interfaced to carpc or controller.


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          I dont get it really... You want to make a light source for in your car with like 100 LED's? And then you want to control those LEDs with a dimmerpack?
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            May be this:
            Just arrange your lights in group of 4 and there you go.
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