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How do I get sound into my Sony CDX-M700R?

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  • How do I get sound into my Sony CDX-M700R?

    Right, here's the situation!

    I have a Sony CDX-M700R head unit (this has CD changer control via an IP BUS) which has 3 sets of RCA's out of the back, 2 pairs are for the 4 main channels and the other pair is for the sub channel.
    The 2 pairs for the front and rear channels go to a Longmill Prophet 4 channel amp and run Infinity 7"x5" in the front doors and Infinity tweeters on the dash and Sony 13cm in the back doors - The sub RCA's go to another Longmill Prophet amp (2 channel) running 2 Sony Xplod 10" subs in a self built enclosure.

    The question is i'm wanting to get sound from my mp3 player into the car and wondered if anyone knew how to wire my soundcard into the IP BUS used for the CD changer?

    Or would you recommend an FM modulator (i'm a bit dubious about these and heard loads of bad reports!)

    Or can anyone recommend another alternative?

    I've thought about wiring the player straight into the amps but how would I go about wiring 1 stereo jack plug into 6 RCA's??!!

    Any help would be greatly appretiated!
    Best regards,

    Darren Thrower

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    I know the adapters for the Sonys for the IP bus are very expensive (100$) but I would go with that.
    and Fm-modulator has a suprising amount of crappiness. Some people say they don't (but they must be already half-deaf from there loud music).
    They sound about like someone stabbed all of your speakers with a screw driver. It is insulting.
    And the adapter is not much more than one anyways.
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
    Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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      percyt2k , this is the part that you need "xa-107" it's made by sony and you can find it at crutchfieldfor $100.00.


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        I'm using an xa-107 to connect my system to my Sony headunit, and have been happy with it's performance.


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          Well - as I was looking at this piece of kit on Sonys website, my girlfriend asked what i'd like for my birthday!!

          With a huge grin on my face I asked was 60 (approx. $100) ok?

          So I get my XA-107 by the weekend!!

          Thanks for the input lads - Looks like Mk2 of MazMP3 will be installed by Sunday!!

          New website with photos next week!
          Best regards,

          Darren Thrower