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Blitzsafe aux adapter ATT: FOURGIG!!

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  • Blitzsafe aux adapter ATT: FOURGIG!!

    Someone on the bpard mentioned in an earlier post that they tried a bliztsafe adapter for their Celica for aux in but that it didn't work. So he sent it to the engineers at blitzsafe or something so they could fix him up. I forgot who it was. But if anyone has any info on if they fixed it, what he had to go through to get it fixed, total costs etc. i would be very intrested.

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    Coincidently, I just called Blitzsafe this morning about that adapter. Evidently the modified adapter that they sent to me got lost during shipping and they're trying to track down the package.


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      Oh okay. IM assuming you have the toyota 3 in 1 stereo. How did you get them to modify it for you, and did they charge you for modifying it? I have a Tacoma with a 3 in 1 stereo in it with the component system. Quite nice sound for a factory system.


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        I'm not sure what you mean by a 3in1 stereo. The one I have is a double din, with single CD and tape built in. Is that it?

        Anyway, I had posted a question about the adapter on the the Blitzsafe forum and they said it would work without a CD changer. I bought the adapter and it didn't work without a CD changer. So, I called up their tech support to ask them why it didn't work. Tech support transfered me to an engineer.

        The first solution that he offered didn't work, so he told me to send the adapter to him and he would send me a modified one that will work without a CD changer. He didn't say anything about charging me for doing this.


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          Do you think it was just a manufacturers defect in urs or if all the units are like this?