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    Estou querendo montar um MP3 para meu carro ja tenho todas as pecas

    Placa mãe "Motherboard"
    Processador Pentium 100 Mhz
    Memória RAM 8 Mbytes
    Placa de Vídeo 1 Mb ( opcional se for onboard)
    Placa de Som (16 Bits)
    Placa de Rede 10/100 PCI
    Fonte Alimentação 300 Watts (AT) com ventilador
    Tenho um no-break tambem

    so ta faltando o LCD.
    Mais a pergunta a a seguinte como comecar a montar, como fazer as ligacoes da fonte do micro para o no-break e depois para a bateria? me ajudem ai

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    I am wanting to mount a MP3 for my car ja I have all them you sin

    Plate mother "Motherboard"
    Processing Pentium 100 Mhz
    Memory RAM 8 Mbytes
    Plate of Video 1 Mb (optional he will be onboard)
    Plate of Sound (16 Bits)
    Plate of Net 10/100 PCI
    Source Feeding 300 Watts (AT) with fan
    I have one no-break tambem so you lacking the LCD. More the question to the following one as to comecar to mount, as to make ligacoes of the source of the micron for no-break and later for the battery? they help ai me
    Signature: [==||========] 20% complete


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      i have no idea what the hell this means... i'm not even sure if i used the right language to translate from
      Signature: [==||========] 20% complete


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        Doesn't look very Irish to me!

        The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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          i'm gonna have a stab at the question, even tho i dont know what it is, anyway here we go...

          Signature: [==||========] 20% complete


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            Renault Megane...the OEM look

            The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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              "I am have lacking the LCD. More the question to the following one as comecar it mount, like do the ligacoes of the spring of the micro for the in the-break and afterwards for the battery?"

              O que é seua linguagem ou situação? por favor
              -what is your language / location

              Looks like he wants to use a ComCar LCD or mount with his CarPC display. He also has a question about his battery. I think it has to do with a switch and power supply for his CarPC.


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                xmurphyx--por favor uso
                Current status:
                wtf is a carputer??