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Is there any way I can power this load?

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  • Is there any way I can power this load?

    I plan on building an mp3 box with the following components. I was told that it would be impossible to power all this, and I would like to get a second opinion.

    500mhz celeron
    micro atx motherboard
    64mb sdram
    20gb udma hard drive
    6x dvd drive
    matrox g200 video card
    soundblaster platinum sound card

    5" parts express lcd

    Would you suggest an inverter or a dcdc power supply for the following setup? Also, what options do I have as far as reliable dcdc power supplies that are compatible with atx cases? Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Currently your only practical option is an inverter supplying a regular ATX power supply. There is no reasonably priced DC-DC available to power such a system


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      So a 250 watt DCDC power supply ( won't work? Thanks!


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        You'd better first work out how much the peak and sustained current is.
        You might consider adding a second battery, and probably replace the dynamo with one that can handle the extra charge current.

        Also consider using less power consuming parts, such as an industrial Single Board Computer. Check !

        BTW, I'm building a DC-DC PSU that can supply +5V @ 10A, +12V @ 3A, -12V @3A. It can done!