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Occasionally not resuming from Standby...

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  • Occasionally not resuming from Standby...

    I use standby on my carputer which works great about 90% of the time but occasionally when the PC turns back on it appars to lock up immediately. The case fan spins indicating that that the power supply turned on and my Zenarc detects a VGA signal however the screen is dark and there are no other signs of life. If i hit the pwr button on the PC the PC will do a cold boot.

    Here is a brief description of my setup. I power the +5VSB rail to the EpiaM10000 with an a 5V regulator that is always on. After the PC goes into standby power is removed from the 12V DC-DC and PW-60. Another thing to note..some USB devices are powered during standby (Griffin Powermate, mouse) and the other USB devices (XM-PCR, GPS receiver, external DVD, wifi etc) are normally powered by the main 5V rail hence power is removed from these devices during standby. Anyone have any ideas why the PC occasionally does not resume properly? Could any of the USB devices cause the PC to hang when resuming from standby?
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    bump...any ideas?
    My Celica Carputer Install


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      Do you remove your XMPCR from your car PC during the day and then return it when you get back into the car?

      MY PC does the blank screen freeze up when I am using my XMPCR, remove it after hibernating, and plug it back it with the receiver set to a different channel (I leave on channel 202 return with it set to channel 152).

      But I can ctl-alt-del and kill my media program and restart, so its not a total lock out, but it looks like one. ???
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      [Deluo GPS Mouse] [E-MU 0404 Soundcard]
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        The lockup occurs when the PCR removed from the car. I belive the lockup occurs very early on. Question: What the first thing you see on the screen when resuming from standby? When my PC resumes from standby properly. I see three lines of text at the top right corner stating something to the effect of : 'CLE266 for evaluation purposes only, not for production, VIA3123 0019.' I'm going to update the BIOS and see if it helps.
        My Celica Carputer Install