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    Im not sure I really understand this stuff. All I know is this model -D-Link DWL-120 802.11 Wireless LAN USB Card 11Mbps- is capable of sharing info wirelessly b/w two computers at 11mb/s. This seems really pretty cool. I have some questions: will it work with a bookpc? Do you have to buy 2 (one for each computer)? Is it worth the $95 if I want it only for when I pull up in my carport and want to get one or two MP3s from my home computer? I planned previously to burn all my new songs on a Cd-RW and then use the DVD drive to put them on my trucomputer. But Im not sure if I have to pay $95x2 if it would be worth it.

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    Yes. You have to have either 2 802.11b cards/adapters or one card and a base station.

    The usb model should work with any usb enabled computer.

    Alternatively, you could run wired ethernet to the car port, and just plug it up when you want to sync.
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      don't pay 95. there's a staples rebate for a linksys card. I think you can get it for like 65.


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        whats the range on these things?
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          Linksys claim theres will do 450 metres outdoors and 100m indoors I believe.

          Most of the others are 100m indoors and 300m out.
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              I have used these things for a while now, (3 different mfgrs) I would strongly urge you to consider USB, particularly if you are not using an access point.

              If you are usings the pc card version, use a usb adaptor, when the card is in the trunk, the range decreases.
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                "If you are usings the pc card version, use a usb adaptor, when the card is in the trunk, the range decreases"

                Extermal antenna's are available for most pci cards. The one I use for mine is very small, sits by the rear window and is alot more discrete than a USB one. I was using a USB one to start with though.


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                  Wireless 802.11G router= $29.99 after rebate @
                  PCI card= $43.99 after rebate @
                  PC card version=$29.99 after rebate @

                  All are US Robotics 802.11G Turbo I have the router and PC card (for my laptop) and they work well. The turbo is supposed to be 2x the bandwidth of regular 802.11G but at those prices does it really matter if it is or not?


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                    hey, uh, snakebite and jailer, you DO realize this is a 3 year old thread, don't you?
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                      well, i guess that expalins the horribly high prices this guy was finding for the cards....dont feel bad snakebite, it happens to the best of us.



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                        Thats cool Plinkey, I don't feel bad, a bit retarded maybe. It's probably been three years since I've been here, it's all new to me........Just one of those late at night things I guess.