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    I've just won a cheap motherboard on ebay thats socket 370 and has built in audio, video and lan. I'd like to use a processor powerful enough to support playing back dvds on it but wondered what the via c3 733 would be like - it is supposed to be ultra cool running and can be passivly cooled - anyone got one running in their box?? Any info about it would be great as i'd hate to waste 36 on one if they are rubbish - i have no money left let alone any to waste
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    ive heard they are good for what they are, not designed for load work, intensive programs, but yeah as far as dvds and mp3s go it will be fine, also ment to be aournd 10 degrees less than an equal celeron


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      If the cpu isn't powerful enough, I'd think you'd be able to pick up an old DVD Decoder card for a few bucks...

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        A 733 cyrix3 should be powerful enough for mp3s and dvds, but just as a warning, unless the motherboard you just won has been tested on via's website as working, its a crap shoot. i had a board that biostar said would run a cyrix (but via didnt) and it never ran the 650 that i had.

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