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Thin Xbox coming in the future?

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  • Thin Xbox coming in the future?

    Take this internet rumor with a grain of salt, but this sounds pretty cool for people wanting to go the Xbox carputer route.

    External power supply could easily be replaced with a DC adaptor and 2.5 inch laptop hard drives have less capacity but last longer in the car than 3.5".

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    the new PStwo is really thin.

    comparison with old PS2


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      You could just mod your xbox to do everything you would never need it to do in 1/2 of the space... it's more fun that way and less pricy. You can pick up a NEW xbox for $150... can find used/refurb for cheap and they are easier to mod becuase they are usually older xbox models... the new 1.6 xbox's are a bit harder to mod...


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        What exactly do you guys mean mod the xbox? like using it as the computer itself or.. ?

        sorry i am confused.


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          You can modify the xbox via modchip of softmod and make it run as a full Linux computer.


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            thanks, if i mod an xbox to run full linux, will i need a vga screen, or can i still plug it it with the a/v cables into a regular screen? OR will it work with a touchscreen? Is there a navigation system program that will work with a linux xbox, and will the xbox still be able to be played as a gaming consol?



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              Well, since the video is output the exact same way, its a sure bet that it will work on a tv. As for a VGA adapter, there are people who **** chickens, I'm sure someone makes them and you can buy one somewhere (Not a chicken ******, a VGA adapter). And yeah, a XBox controller port is a USB port, but wierdly shaped (Like those new ****ty xD digital camera memory sticks, I mean damn, its a funky shaped sd card, and did they HAVE to make the name a face laughing at us for being stupid and buying that ****?), so, as long as there are linux drivers for a TS, you're safe.
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