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  • Epia North/Southbridge Heat

    Hi all,

    I'm getting along well with the car pc install.
    I've used a case that was a scsi tape drive enclosure to custom fit my Nehemiah board, and everything is in nicely. Along with a 2.5" hard drive.

    I ran the system up and played a DVD on it, and within 20 mins the case was hot. I realised that I'm going to need some cooling - ok.. no problem.

    I added an exhaust fan at the front of the system, which pulls out a nice little draw of hot air (the fan is a similar size to the CPU fan).

    This (once I'd made my exit holes bigger, and ducted the airflow out) made the case cooler to touch (only slightly warm at the cpu side) but the laptop hard drive and the large north/southbridge heatsink were hot to touch - the heatsink being too hot to touch.

    Then I added another fan, this one at the rear of the case pulling air in - over the hard drive.
    Now the hard drive stays cooler, but that northbridge heatsink is still too hot to touch for more than about 1 second.
    I've run the system for a couple of hours (without realising it was this hot) and it seems fine.
    Is it?

    I'm a bit wary as I'm sure it shouldn't be quite so hot - but without putting a larger fan in the lid of the case to suck out all that hot air, I'm stuck!

    Help please! I can post pictures of the layout later if needed.
    Components: Lilliput 8" Touch, M10000 Nehemiah, 40GB Hitachi 2.5" Hdd, WPPS80 DC-DC power supply, custom enclosure, GPS Mouse, MediaRemote, Zippy Illuminated Mini Keyboard
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    Do you have a small fan to attach directly to the northbridge heatsink?
    or room to 'duct' some of the airflow from case fans over the HS?
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

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