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  • Help find me a case

    I need a nice small case for my VIA MII-12000 to fit in. It needs to be fairly small in height so it will fit under my drivers seat. Also, needs to house full size CD/DVD drive and hard drive. But most important, the Opus 90W PSU needs to fit in it. This is where I seem to have a problem. Thanks.
    The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |

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    With out bending a few laws of physics, what you're asking for is not quite possible.
    The CaseTronic C134b at will fit the M series motherboards. ---but
    <> wont facilitate a full size cd/dvd
    <> wont facilitate the opus 90w

    You've got some decisions/compromises to make.


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      It has to be possible. I know someone here has to have a full size CD drive and opus 90W PSU in a case. I have been searching and so far not much luck...
      The 2007 Scion tC + Infill G4 Project |