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Toshiba LTM09C02KA TFT lcd display

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  • Toshiba LTM09C02KA TFT lcd display

    Hi there, i've got my hands on a Digital CT450 notebook, it features a Toshiba LTM09C02KA TFT color display, i'm just wondering if anyone knows the pinout for this screen, or where can i find it?

    What kind of controller do i need to use this thing?


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    It's possible and you will need a digital lcd controller because i'm thinking of doing the same thing. Not only will it cost comparitively to the NTSC screens it will look a lot better because it's digital. Text will be readable on smaller screens and everything will be much crisper. Head over here for lcd controller cards, and also ati makes a lcd controlelr but i don't kow if that'll work yet. Also go here for specs, they don't have your model but if you email them they might be able to get them.


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      Thanks Porch, i'll check'em out, if i learn something, i'll post it here