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choose between IBM t23 or epia M2 1200

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  • choose between IBM t23 or epia M2 1200

    If you have the choice between a T23 1.13ghz Pentium 3m or a Epia M2 1200 what would you choose

    I have a T23 which has a dead screen, so it woluld be ideal for a carputer, but here are the problems
    I need 5.1 sound, so i would have to buy a usb sound card + 60
    Car DC- DC PSU 40
    DC regulator for he lilliput screen 50
    Total 150

    Or do i get a epia m2 1200 for 160 + 50 for psu
    Total 210

    which would you guys get ?

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    I would use the T23, but thats just me. I like the idea of the laptop because it's already setup to use DC so you just have to use a single 18 or 19v supply. And it's already in a small case
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