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Low Profile PCI sound card??

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  • Low Profile PCI sound card??

    Does anyone have a sound card that fits in a pci slot but is only about 1-2 inches tall(not including the mounting bracket)? The game port would be on a ribbon cable or non-existant. Has anyone seen something like this? Where can you get one?

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    Most of the cheap sound cards seem to be that height usually (the CMI8330 chipset spring to mind, etc). But they are fairly nasty.

    Best bet might be to get a riser card? I had a problem with adding a Vibra 128 in place of the crappy onboard motherboard sound card.

    The case I built had the motherboard flush against the case wall. So the sound/joystick sockets stuck out. Had to desolder them, and then wired up some RCA sockets on shielded cable for the audio out instead...
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      Astec is another one. If u have studied any of my pics u would have seen me use 1-2 of them. But riser card is prolly ur best bet since most of the company don't make these sound card anymore.
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        You could try this one.

        It doesn't look too sweet but its super low pro and it's only a buck right now.
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